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  • ACE Garage Doors UK - Repairs & Renovations

ACE Garage Doors UK - Repairs & Renovations 

Our expert team at Ace Garage Doors UK is able to carry out all of your maintenance and service needs, helping you avoid potentially costly damages further down the road. A little preventative TLC can prevent a possible costly fix down the road.

Maintenance of your garage door is going to vary depending on frequency and style of use. Wear and tear is a real thing, if you use your door multiple times per day then we advise you have an annual check If however, you are a less frequent user you still need to consider the effects of weathering.

Telltale signs your door need attention.

Up and over style garage doors should always be harder to close than open. The reason for this is that when the wind blows a properly tensioned garage door should not be able to be blown down on to you or your car! If you’re opening your garage door and it starts to fall easily it most certainly needs attention.

If your garage door opens unevenly it's quite likely that one of the cables has broken or the tracks are misaligned. If this is a symptom of your garage door it will need some urgent attention. There is a real possibility that the other cable will snap or the door opens at such an angle that it will get stuck or caught between the door and frame.

For only £60* our expert team will attend your property at an arranged time convenient to you. We will then check all components of your garage door for wear and tear and advise you of any deterioration of these components. We will also lubricate all relevant points, re-tension (if necessary) your springs, also reposition and re-fix misaligned tracks.

Our teams carry a large number of spares to suit a wide range of garage doors and will with your consultation and consent replace any defective components if possible there and then.

For more information or to book a service call us now on 01508 536376.

If possible have to hand the manufacturer of your door. I.e. Henderson, Hormann, Cardale etc

* price in our local areas only, phone to confirm.

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ACE Garage Doors UK - Repairs & Renovations

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